Shanwei was in 1988 the locally administered level which authorized by the State Council to set up, including the urban district, Haifeng County, Luhe County, acted as an agent Lufeng city, and was equipped with the Honghai bay development zone and the overseas Chinese administrative district which both cities governed the economic zone, total population 3,230,000, land total area 5271 square kilometers.
Shanwei located at Guangdong Province southeast, south is close to the South China Sea, west is near Hong Kong, is in a Zhujiang Delta two hour economic cycle, the sea and land transportation extends in all directions, it is Zhujiang Delta links Guangdong Province's transportation corridor. in 324 federal highways, the Shen-Shan highway and the constructing Xia-Shen railroads cross the throughout. The sea area of Shanwei is 23,800 square kilometers, the Shanwei port is the rare natural deep water good harbour, and it is the national coast opens a kind of port, apart from the Pacific Ocean international sea route only 12 nautical miles, apart from ...[Enter]
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